Jewelry Boxes & Frames

The beautiful day where a couple weds and begins their life together requires the proper celebration and, later, commemoration. There are two classic yet enamoring ways of doing so: placing one particularly stunning wedding photo into an expertly-crafted picture frame or using and displaying a wedding jewelry box for wedding keepsakes.

Wedding Picture Frames
Wedding picture frames effectively encapsulate a couple on their big day, whether it be right after their special day or as an anniversary gift. These gifts are so emotion-provoking from the moment of their unwrapping to years later, as they can be displayed in their home and allow the happy couple to constantly be reminded of the gorgeous day on which they were married.

However, not all wedding picture frames are built alike. Here at J Devlin, we pride ourselves on all of our personalized wedding frames as they are undeniably the most stunning frames available yet do not take away from the photos that they display.

Our frames are all handcrafted by our skilled artisans who use only the finest of materials in each original design. All of our frames feature materials such as:

● Lead-free solder
● Antique charcoal patina
● Wax for longevity
● Clear glass with embossed vintage texture trimmed and antique veils
● Authentic stained glass

We have numerous options available to suit any personal preference. Our frames can vary in the amount of clear and stained glass, horizontal or vertical orientation, frame sizes, and amount of personalized engraving.

Jewelry Boxes
While the happy couple deserves a fine wedding gift, we shouldn’t forget about the wedding party! Our wedding attendee glass jewelry boxes are created with the same expertly-crafted process along with high-quality materials. These keepsake jewelry boxes can be used to efficiently provide a thoughtful gift for a bridesmaid, groomsman, or other wedding members.

They all come in various colors but all are capable of laser-engraved lettering on top for that personalized touch. Their decorative feet will keep them properly lifted while elegantly complementing their overall design.

With any one of our wedding picture frames and/or jewelry boxes, you will undoubtedly provide a memorable, stunning, and long-lasting gift to commemorate a beautiful wedding day to whomever you choose.