Monogramming for Personalized Gifts


Personalized Gifts For Once-In-A-Lifetime Moments

J. Devlin offers beautiful, timeless gifts for all of life’s special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, bridal showers, anniversaries, confirmations, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and more.

For those once-in-a-lifetime moments, give a personalized gift your loved one will truly cherish. Gifts that come from big box stores are nice, but personalized gifts from J. Devlin go the extra mile to commemorate a moment worth remembering.

Ideas for personalized gifts include:

  • Engrave the newlywed’s last name and wedding date on a glass box for a unique wedding gift
  • Have a baby’s name, initials, and/or birth date monogrammed onto a keepsake box
  • Celebrate a special wedding anniversary by presenting the couple with a glass box monogrammed specifically for the occasion
  • Use as a corporate gift to commemorate years of service, a promotion, or retirement
  • Present as a personalized confirmation gift by engraving initials, name, and confirmation date
  • Have a graduate’s name, school, and year monogrammed onto a keepsake box
  • Use as an inspirational gift for any occasion or event by engraving your favorite quote or a personal message
  • Fill a glass box with mementos from vacation and monogram the vacation location and year on the box (a great spouse gift!)

Remember to make your personalized gift just that—a unique gesture that reflects your recipient’s personality or the occasion. It can be bold, subtle, inspirational, celebratory, sentimental, corporate, or humorous. Be creative!

Tips For Monogramming Initials

Keep these tips in mind if you are considering personalizing a gift with initials.

  • A single letter generally represents a first name, a last name, or a surname.
  • Two letters generally represent a first and last name or a couple with different last names.
  • Three letters with the middle letter being larger generally represent a couple with the same last name or an individual’s first, middle, and last name. The larger middle initial is usually the last name.

Ordering Personalized Gifts at J. Devlin

Browse our Personalized Gifts category to view items that can be monogrammed. Fonts and graphics available are shown in the table below.

Please allow 3 to 5 days for your order to ship to allow time for custom monogramming. Orders for personalized gifts cannot be cancelled or returned unless the item is defective.

For additional questions about our personalized gifts, call (515) 576-3681.