How long does it take to receive an order?

Orders placed before 11:00 am CST that do not have personalization are shipped the same day. Your order should arrive to you within 2-4 business days from the date you placed the order.

Personalized orders are processed and completed within 2 business days. Your personalized order will arrive within 3 to 4 business days.

If you need next day air service, there will be additional freight charges. Please, contact us at 844-772-2145 to arrange.

Can I change or cancel a personalized order?

Once you complete and submit your order, it goes into production and cannot be changed or canceled. Please, review your order for accuracy before submitting.

Can I use symbols in my personalized item?

Only letters and numbers from the English language and the following symbols @ # $ % & ( ) ‘ !”,?.

Are spaces counted as characters on personalized items?

Yes, spaces and punctuation are counted as characters.

Limits are set by our design team to give the most flexibility and the best look to your personalized piece.

Return policy

All refunds or exchanges must be made within 30 days. Note personalized products cannot be returned unless there is a manufacturing defect or error.

How will my order be packaged?

We have been packaging glass products for 20 years and rest assured we take packaging seriously! Feel comfortable to know your item will arrive in good condition. Packaging has been designed to protect while providing a nice presentation.

Is this real glass?

When you tap on stained glass it does not feel like glass. Stained glass art is composed of small pieces soldered together; the vibration creating the usual glass sound is reduced because of the solder. This also inhibits the sound when you tap a dull thump may be all you will hear. Also, note stained glass is denser and generally thicker than crystal thus it limits the sound and feel that you may be familiar.

All J Devlin products are waxed to protect the piece and keeping it beautiful for years to come also creating a sound barrier and different feel to the glass.

Note the wax may also feel a little oily on your item when you first receive it. You may want to polish the item a bit with a soft dry cloth. This will enhance the shine and brilliance.

Will stained glass fade?

Real stained glass does not fade! J Devlin products are real stained glass and will never fade.

How do I care for my stained glass?

Because all J Devlin glass products are treated with a wax to keep them beautiful for years to come. Initially you may notice an oily residue from the wax. We recommend polishing with a soft dry cloth this will enhance the shine and brilliance. It’s best NOT to submerge in water but if you find the need for additional cleaning use a damp cloth and wipe until dry.

Can you do large orders?

Yes, please contact us at 844-772-2145

Do night lights come with bulbs?

Yes, night lights come with the recommended 4 watt bulb.

Can night lights be displayed in a horizontal socket?

Our night lights are designed to display in a vertical socket. They can be converted to a horizontal display by purchasing a rotating socket. Please, add NTL Socket-H to your order. You will then need to remove the shade from the vertical socket an attach it to the horizontal socket.

What type of bulb do mini lamps use?

Mini lamps use a 4 watt night light bulb which is included.

What size bulbs do full size lamps use?

Our full size lamps come packaged with a 40 watt bulb. These lamps can use up to a 60 watt bulb. Sockets are rated much higher but glass conducts heat and the glass and brass cap at the top of the shade becomes very warm to the touch with too much wattage.

How do I hang ornaments?

Many of our ornaments look beautiful displayed in either a window, on the Christmas tree or a thousand other places your imagination dreams up. If you want to display them in a window you can use the suction cup that comes included.

It’s natural for a suction cup to be curled when you receive it. Moisten the back of the suction cup and place it on the window. Leaving it there for 24 hours will help it uncurl. Check to make sure the suction cup is tight and secure before placing the ornament on the suction cup. If you don’t want the look of the suction cup use a small nail in the wood trim and suspend the ornament from clear fishline. Just make sure the knot in the fishline is tight.