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Fused Glass Collectibles From J. Devlin Glass Art Feature Fun-Loving, Colorful “Critters” Perfect for Spring Decorating

Using a popular glass art technique called fused glass, J. Devlin Glass Art has unveiled a must-have collection that’s going to add a captivating splendor to your spring decorating. Their new line of fused glass collectibles features curious, delightful, and sophisticated “critters.” We’re warning you now—we’re calling them “collectibles” because you will want them all!

These brightly colored, tastefully designed critters engage inquisitive minds of all ages. Their fun-loving character is wonderful in a child’s room displayed as a collection, yet their dignified ambience makes them suitable for your home or office.

Fused Glass Collectible: Ladybug

Styles range from fanciful winged critters such as butterflies, dragonflies, bees, and ladybugs to earthly turtles, snails, lobsters, and bugs. These fused glass collectibles add charm and a splash of color to nature-based decorating themes or seasonal displays on desks, mantles, bookcases, and end tables.

Fused glass is different than stained glass because it has no lead lines. A technique that is quickly gaining popularity in the world of fine art, fused glass is the process of putting two or more pieces of glass into a kiln and heating them until they are fused together into a single piece. 

Fused Glass Collectible: Frog

While J. Devlin Glass Art has a wide variety of tasteful glass gifts such as glass photo frames, glass jewelry boxes, and stained glass lamps, these critters are the first fused glass collectibles in their product line—and it’s all available right here at J. Devlin!

View the new fused glass collectibles in our online gift store and start collecting these enchanting critters now!

Fused Glass Butterfly collectibles