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English Muffle Glass Designs by J. Devlin Result in Stunning Mother’s Day Gifts and Glass Home Decorations

J. Devlin Glass Art recently launched a line of glass home decorations using English muffle glass that is creating a lot of interest. Why? When J. Devlin’s expertise in elegant glass designs is fused with the alluring texture of English muffle glass, it’s a winning combination that makes Mother’s Day gifts, religious gifts, wedding gifts, and other special occasion gifts ones that are cherished and passed down as family heirlooms.

Box 815 multi-colored English muffle glass jewelry box by J. Devlin

English muffle glass has been around since the early 1900s. Created in England, its color and texture made it highly desired for use in windows.

Box 520-6 heart-shaped English muffle glass box by J. Devlin

Distinctive from other textured glass, English muffle glass is set apart by its subtle “rippled” look. Its unique texture and muted traditional colors exude a feeling of rich history and art. You’ll find such captivating colors as:

  • Apricot Beige
  • Salvation Jane
  • Windsor Blue
  • Antique Veil
  • Aqua Mist
  • Dusky Rose
  • London Fog
  • Castle Wall
  • Flaxen Tint

Pic 376 series English muffle glass photo frames with filigree design by J. Devlin

Many of J. Devlin’s glass home decorations incorporate yesterday’s traditional designs with a modern twist, making them suitable for a wide variety of décor styles. And with items ranging from glass boxes to glass photo frames and even lamps, J. Devlin’s new English muffle glass designs are an appropriate gift no matter what your age.

View the full line of J. Devlin English muffle glass home decorations in our online gift store.