Color Cubes: Snowflake Gray Color Palette Inspiration

Color Cubes: Snowflake Gray Color Palette Inspiration

13th Jan 2015

Color Cubes: Snowflake Ornament Color Palette Inspiration

Just as J. Devlin’s jeweled snowflake ornaments are captivating when reflecting soft light throughout your room, a gray color scheme can make for an elegant home décor theme. We’ve selected this neutral gray color palette from J. Devlin’s Orn 191 and Orn 191-M jeweled snowflake ornaments. A gray theme is a popular choice with many designers because it is more flexible than other colors. For example, you can add more gray to continue the mood, accent it with black for a bold look, or use white for a more subdued impression. A tasteful and sophisticated color scheme for any room, you can also add a bit of silver sparkle for subtle brightness and contrast. The many shades of gray offer endless possibilities!

Snowflake Gray Color Cubes Color Builds:

  1. R=218 G=215 B=218 • HEX (#DAD7DA)
  2. R=255 G=253 B=240 • HEX (#FFFDF0)
  3. R=91 G=103 B=119 • HEX (#5B6777)
  4. R=2 G=2 B=2 1 • HEX (#020202)

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