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Color Cubes: Kaleidoscope Color Palette Inspiration

J. Devlin glass kaleidoscopes bring a world of color ideas to your home.

Color affects you every day in ways you may not realize. The study of the emotional effects of color in your home are quite fascinating and can help you deliberately choose color to bring about certain psychological emotions such as warmth, optimism, luxury, harmony, or peacefulness. If you find a certain color scheme lifts your spirits, that’s a good hint for you to consider incorporating it into your home! For example, we pulled bright and cheery colors from these J. Devlin glass kaleidoscopes to represent the colors of summer. They illustrate all the things we love about summer…fun, passion, optimism, creativity, refreshing, joy, and warmth. Surrounding yourself with them will be like adding a little slice of summer to your home all year long. Pick one of these bright colors to be the focal point and use the others to add splashes of color using pillows, throws, vases, frames, or even one of these glass kaleidoscopes. What colors do you surround yourself with in your home?

Kaleidoscope Color Cubes Color Builds:

  1. R=229 G=200 B=31 • HEX (#e5c81f)
  2. R=239 G=75 B=45 • HEX (#ef4b2d)
  3. R=0 G=173 B=179 • HEX (#00adb3)
  4. R=240 G=163 B=43 • HEX (#f0a321)

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