When either your child or a loved one’s child goes through the glorious ceremony of baptism, they are purified of original sin, regenerated, and officially welcomed into the Catholic church. It is indeed the first day of the rest of their religious lives. While the child is but a young baby typically and may not have any memory of the event in their adulthood, it is still a remarkable milestone in their lives and their religious journey that deserves the proper commemoration and celebration. Like any key moment in a person’s life, giving them and/or their family a personalized and fine gift for remembering it is a vital component.

That is why we proudly supply stunning Baptism gifts here at J Devlin. These would make for pristine gifts for the young baptized baby along with their family, as they can reminisce on this prideful and special day as frequently as they’d like and be filled with joy, elation, and even elevated faith. We have Baptism picture frames, glass jewelry boxes, and ornamental glass crosses. All of our glass products are created using a classic 18th-century copper foil and solder technique with modern designs. Their glass components vary in types, such as clear, textured, embossed vintage, and stained glass of varying hues.

These beautiful and elegant gifts are made to last the family for years to come as they perfectly encapsulate this monumental moment in their lives. Most can even be personalized Baptism gifts, such as carefully and professionally engraving names, dates, and meaningful quotes from scripture. Browse all of our Baptism gifts and find the one you feel will further connect the family to the Lord and the Holy Spirit.